Evaluating a Meeting

Be prepared so that the possibilities don't overwhelm you, in this way remember that technology will not guarantee a better form to get the meetings, even like the current ones one must discover new new ways, keep the search to find that truly defines us and through what connection we like to be with.

Our meeting definition is an event formed by people, content and procedure to achieve an objective. Technology expands this concept of meeting and changes the way people communicate and collaborate. It is possible to hold meetings with people who are not physically close, even in the same continent. With these new possibilities we can conceive the meetings in a different way.

We will not talk about the new possibilities of technology, we will agree on the three factors that will create meaning for you.

1)  What are your advantages?2)  Do you lose in exchange for this freedom?3)  Is it possible to compensate these losses?  Thanks to technology and multimedia it's possible to speak throw internet from different time zones, workers in other cities, countries, therefore increasing productivity and fun while meeting the drive of those who are creating their sites with us.


A multidimensional connection, who is made of the same creation, visuals, sites, videos, conversations, exposures of the relations towards our work from the value that is depended upon needs. How to care financially, sharing the values and the tension that turns the drive into a conquering or adventure situation were joy becomes a form of work.

Love is taking something or someone as part of your self, we don’t prevented of what it want’s, we see their perspectives and angles on everything, so that we can do is to arise into a higher truth, transcending our illusion into a reality.

Stop focusing in what he-she is inferior, or equal, but superior. It will actually manifest, the concept matter of the ego is identifying with the ego, what ever the reason has been differentiated or its deficiencies.

When we talk about equality in a meeting is not going to balance as much as when we put our materials at play and start putting things together, have a place of our own to work this space and know we can relate with a team and new people. When a person is vulnerable gets to feel safe by “belonging” to something greater, to an entity, to your locality, to a team, to your home, to that composes your self and meaning, to an internet inter-connection, to those who become familiar to our life and get to share playful times or activities to feel inspired by others.

We have an ongoing set of meetings and we can plan meetings who sustain solid agreements and commitments, conversations must be held, to discard possibilities  and agree in some, shaping the union of our creation.

TecMuself shows us to interact not only through a virtual place, but from the real aspect were we  form our work, as much critical it might feel, as the fear might turn into excitement, we get to tackle and investigate, there is a great world out there and we are here to find all those resources, that job we can schedule ourself. There is nothing that we can’t do, when we start experience the very doing, the very drive, how our skin is separated from this universe and as we close our eyes, the sensation within our self is unique, we are going to make an interaction, that can be comprehended, that is visual, that is a shape, that this image or sensation engages as a separate being that talks from you.

You can ask questions, any questions, what are you, what do you represent, why are you here right now, what do you want me to do, what is the truth that we can’t accept.

We must listen to this answers, we don’t need them in a sense of knowing, but to engage with them intuitively no matter what answers, this is the inner voice communicating with you, this is the inner voice.

We intuitively know how to have a conversation, even if the attention is not really there, it doesn’t matter is not triggered to come out, is important to feel that we are there, present. If we are not sure, is good to be patience by listing to our inner voice or someone inner voice. Not to suppress it, it might had being wounded, why shall I believe? No one has listen to me for so long. is more important to be present, it doesn’t matter how many times till it trusts you. if one has an abusive pattern, the emotional wakeup call, is how to interact with your own inner voice before anyone’s as with another. Your voice can speak in behalf of any aspect of you.

With enough practice is going to be something so deeply, that is going to become unavoidable. We can have a tools, the cameras, the studio for photography or film, the computers and programs, the platform for WordPress and the domain and yet, what is more important is to learn how to express your self. How to express your emotions, that we experience the people that we meet and reflect, what is need it around us.

It makes our intuition much more acute, the most often we use it the more we can trust our inner voice or perception. We educate our self into that very presence, becoming more present and gentler, more possible, more sensitive, more accepting, more joyful, more trusting, more giving according to your inner voice from the get go, to never be drawn by the voice of others.




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