It seems to be a go, go, go and we must stop, lets make it tangible, do you really feel that more go, go, go is going to get us somewhere? There is many people who had stop, but was it from an accident, a class, from being burned? Or, is it an act of consciousness of becoming present.


Shame is very interesting because is a little fragmentation which defers and splits us apart. In the same each city from another, in the same each village and country, are we really judging others as our selfs. We can welcome the world around us, the city, the locality and link to everything that our consciousness can gather with productivity, because that is the part that you want to accept.

London is a city that reunites an empire it self, the world it self, and is the history of Britain which depicts its streets and structure the foundation of it’s priorities before any others and at the same time hugging them all without being them, it passes through or around with a continuation or implementing certain needs, basics, innovations, educations in all the forms of sharing a better atmosphere for its people.

In the same way we interrelate with ourselves to the world, we can depict the structure and the ways of our self throw a website, by recording, creating venues, stabilising a frequency or meeting peoples needs. In our city or locality there is an important place for us to be discovered, to feel productive, build through the energy were all feels good.

You can get love and you can get relaxation, is not going to change, for certain some places in the world have more space and free time to meet, it could be the conditions in the weather and the culture of its people. It shows us the changes and more possibilities.

We can work from our city or locality, and we can also move and expend, we can create a cycle of community, we can become ambassadors of another country or village, of certain culture or village. We can help them as they help us, as we meet. Your city could be a setup who starts brining people towards this place, to help.

As the work that we perform through several years comes to fruition, we consider the amount of people we had relate with, in a term of 3 years we have an email list and data base of clients-friends. Some of them, might invest with you, might become your best friend and share a coffee here and then. The isolation of the modern civilisation where we must work, pay our bills and recover, clean and shop to continue in an optimum condition will help you prevail. And were is the presence, were is the chance to realise that your freedom meets within you, in that very relational presence.




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