Sorting yourself out is the best game you can name.

When you categorise things, because you are convince that naturally the category falls into the triangle, because you can precisely define it, it has three angles, is a form accepted as society as its.

But when you are defining yourself in your lifetime career and the virtue that resemblance that connection to the world, society, locality, clients, patiences, customers those relations are characterised into categorising yourself.

The reason you see all this things is because is useful, not because is pragmatic, now you know what you have is better than not knowing what you don’t have, your preferences to connect, finding the places, the media, the connection and specially the needs around you that might emphasised into the creative order of building your self employment career.

Functional is helpful, Inspiring Defines.

I like to have a map of London, and would wish to print a map for each person who is starting to walk a path of himself with his goal. There are so many roads, and places, and empty places as well to be filled.

Then distributing an invitation to gather in a meeting, you like to go out, It’s difficult to wake up and believe in a large degree, but what if you develop a training of mental and fiscal health while putting a puzzle together.

A little note book with the sides of a passport and an excel list on your table for all the places you want to go, would be ideal. Noting things down, the name of the secretary, dates, ideas. New people to add in your mail list, make pictures in the way.

Think what is that you like to do to create that defines you? Are we all equal? Are we special at something in particular?

I do believe that Inspiration brings our cognitive behaviour to a top level of functioning, all the functional design, mechanics or engineering helps, and is fun for some as tedious to others but is in the goal of establishing regulating emotions with the motivation of being inspired and that we find on our own.

The Hive, Kew Gardens, London.

There has being times when the Muse comes, and I do believe that it comes down to all those who pursue a goal into meeting the Muse, in the call for Inspiration. As we mature and become socially independent, in one way or another more responsible or we stop there, or we see the world seeking more to create meaning.

The Hive, Kew Gardens. London.

If most of the fields could last for eternity and narrowing the value structure, finding the balance in ones live makes it more productive, more beautiful, specially more energising to give in return from gratefulness.

What is that state of gratefulness, by all means for one good deed becomes the authenticity that defines your work, there must be a desire, a joy, a believe that makes you belong. Trusting in the support to keep the mind and body exercising in peace, conscious in silence, in a rewarding sense of community from the self. It makes a big difference to your encounter around mirroring yourself from the outside through the connections with others.

The Hive, Kew Gardens. London.

We are surrounded by Ignorance, if we see what’s there is too simple to be truth. I can show people how to make their website or do it for them, I can give them note book to write all the multimedia connections, and print them the excel list, give them a map of their locality. But, are they grateful, are they inspired, are they too tired perhaps.

I’m willing to ask questions as they form their journey from their own choices, is not a shut up and be useless, is like a ruling factor inside the brain. it seems being punished for something that is useful outside the functioning system might be discomforting to stand out.

The Hive, Kew Gardens. London.

The relationship between mental illness and the balance of chaos and order could be as the believe that you are something without moving forward with creation.

I do believe we need rest, relaxation a sense of peace from so much pressure, I don’t know were everyone comes from, I know my story and I have feel from other’s stories, for me a person is more important than making a movie, it might photography, film, editing, composing a website, working with the scenarios and the clothing.

What matters to me is that I love people, the connection with them and what they are capable of doing is much worth it in the future of humanity.

And I’m speaking from London, reporting that a percentage of all this people might be ambassadors to their own countries, in a minor scale or greater. They can also create a bridge to those nations by learning from themselves, willing to take the action to reason and admit that it wont be a burden with too much responsibility because its a joy to prepare, share and meet with those boundaries between fiction and fact, between two countries, between the differences, between investigation and having a trade to follow, between what is need it from one to another in order to flourish.

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