We Are Moving. W/Clair Stage 2

Stage 2, I’ve recently learned what is stage 2! It seems the dissipation and concentration of directions have settled within a new stage of life from Stage 1 and here we go.

So I tell Clair; “We have to be remembered carrying the plastic bag with the clothing! To let all those we meet in the process. Hey, we were homeless too.”

We have a concept of homelessness, we might think people deserve it, they were not paying attention or having extra money in the bank in case of an emergency. You never know the story behind, and thats precisely what motivates one self to create a pathway in this huge gap.

In this moment of emotion the ignition of the journey rises onto a momentum and she said back. “Yes because I want to go back to Saint Mangu’s were they treated me so nice and help out, let them know I was once down like them!” Everyone missed Clair, she is always positive, bubbly and generous with others. Not only that, she is a free woman and willing to conquer the world, at least around with the work for self employment and healing.

One of the ideas who pumped out and I still can recall was was having a weekly month ride and getting to meet around five people a day. Random groups of 3, 2, 5 or 4. Me and her doing healing and checking on the tecmyself for self employment. Another day with Richard checking the nutritions or with Will for the planing. Maybe David adds him self and we know that Liz would love to be part, her connectivity talents is a must to have her. Order and focus is something I can question to detect and embrace from the ups and downs to form this ongoing group.

“I must go to work, Im afraid of leaving my job. I need the courage.” It takes two hours and half drive. Right now, Im here in the banking district of London crossing through all over from South, East with her and now into North West.

London has so many people in the streets, many Europeans and some drunks, I don’t understand were the young people come from. Is devastating. This is one of the most beautiful and powerful cities in the world. It makes me wonder how many days or weeks it will take to start a joints account. All I can see is that discipline or devotion, maybe taking a time to invest, each word defines each of us. Deep inside we do share an aspect within ourselves. It takes bravery and trust too. A dynamic team with potential and a binding schedule is all we need now. With free bus ride. But who will put from their pocket? Who has the initiative to trust. I place in bus drive to go and for her, Richard made a new Logo. Its moving, we are moving. Richard got his place three days ago. He is on seconds stage too. He might move alone, he might return. Will might reach for a big house we we can all be and David needs to find his place before. Its moving and shaping.

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