This page will continue… its all down in random papers.

There are many options to start a budget.


With a free bus ride for all the volunteers will do to start.

We can take from our pocket 1 pound to print 60 B&W business cards. For 5 people day, each 12 as an example of how easy its for them to invest in themselves.

2) Standard.

  • Office space to film and edit.
  • iMac, second hand. (Placed £130 for a total of £400).
  • Pentax White Camera (£50 for a total of £180)
  • Tripoid White Manfronto £70.
  • 3 lights for photography
  • Hard drive
  • Note books (passport sides)
  • WordPress google payment for email. @tecmyself.org
  • Joint company of 4 people
  • Register organisation
  • Get sponsors

3) Final Stage

Teach as many entities how do you work with TecMyself and build interviews with important people who matter. Radio, show, TDT speech. In UK, youtube and the World if possible.

I spired for http://www.headstoguether.org


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