Think logically, reminded myself. “You must stop creating characters in the internet, and what is all this fun with interactive stories, fantasy, epic…” Yes, it was because a great amount of guilt for being a role player, that I started to look into real people,  “There is a great amount of real people that you shall meet, and in the contrary they have a real story to tell, why don’t you just donate your fun and skills with them?”


At this moment, I’m waiting for good news, maybe I get hired to help in the therapy art department, something I have studied with paint, movie script, interactive writing online and perhaps the idea with sites from WordPress and simple business cards, gets rolling.

My dream is that every locality has a place to bring the community together with those who are ready to fill it up with their own work with the Ministry of Loneliness and the coordination with Lumos and organisations of each the area. Making communities more beautiful and together, creating imaginative ideas in events at spaces on each community for their gatherings.

  1. More human and together, teens exploring their career through fun exchanging ideas as a dance, writing, exploring, interviewing learning to report and compare their future while they go out to lear what might they like to study,
  2. Gardening for mental illness, parks help your street and terraces, meet the neighbours, send them a letter of invitation to garden their front yard.
  3. Reading books to elders, create a list of places, plan trips, mediations, letters.
  4. Ironing shirts with delivery for mothers with babies,
  5. Helping single mothers to be with their children more.
  6. Making Vegan falafel paste to restaurants and supermarkets,
  7. Becoming a recycling inspector.

Telling the stories of how many months and years took in the making from a blog with business cards to a working website. All the missing spots that a neighbourhood has, I have meet people who can teach role skating, and people who can walk dogs or prepare  healthy food for the babies in the community.

Its quite simple the making of a movie, as the embracing a locality, each person is more important than a film, the person will flourish at any manner the free will directs it by those who are more involved to be grateful in return to our community as people become more self employed in the helping to support the Government to annihilate the laws who become a blackhole to the economy with too much welfare, in order to

  1. Integrate people together.
  2. Prevent mental illness.
  3. Prevent children in foster cares.
  4. Prevail the longevity in our fellow ones.
  5. Having a more recycling law inspections.
  6. With by gardening citizens.

Entities I like to connect with and be inspired to grow with are;


The Ministry of Loneliness

And the Environment Council in the Borough of Brent with McDonald’s,

testing the new law who will deduct taxes to companies who recycle.