The Will of Nature

Meeting Will a few weeks ago made me think of character already. After a few days, after Richard got closer to him I asked him about filming together online, at that moment it feels perceptive.

Perspective & Angle

Looking down to give for the short term and the friendly exchange of touch and tag.

Looking up to sponsorship, sometimes it might feel like is mom and dad. Look at this faces wanting to go out to play with unlimited resources. Baby barrier? You said?

Mean while a Londoner chariot passes by.

Life continues, talking and searching for TecMyself actual to do list before 2020.

  1. Joint Bank Account. Any amount is fine, the protocole is 2 people open it first then other two people. Being a maximum of 4.
  2. Studio. In Lady Well there is one for £240 a month.
  3. Business Plan. From cheapest budget till one to formalise it.

Is not easy, It couldn’t have been slower. Realistically speaking, is very hard to trust and get the drive to ignition. Putting minds together requires the strong Will of Nature.