Walk and Talk

Team for Teens

Every locality has its own commuting environment, now days our teens can meet for cybernetics & sports.

We mediate for you to get Grants from the Government in order to bring a space for our youth to shine from the inside out back and again, Sports and Multimedia with other activities also a place for them to gather free style. From people to the people.


As we get the founds and the logistics for what’s the budget to decorate the place having an scenario, a setting for bringing an exercise to practice speech, from commentaries to discourse and arguments.


Adults can volunteer, mentor and a few can have their salary in order to keep with the organization. We can help you by providing ideas and listening to the concept you would like to sketch the agenda.

We Walk & Talk following a mapping for each Borough to do the work, we are also looking for directors.


Beside having a space to gather, our teens can enjoy extraordinary activities by creating content for multimedia and go to play Football, there might be other sports to look for Founds as we learn to Mediate.

“Every moment we invest in our community revalues the worth of whom we are. Our youth can be nourished from that.

Patricia Plasencia

Let’s make something beautiful together.